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PlayStation 4 Pro, Sony is targeting 4K video with HDR

PlayStation 4 Pro

Sony focuses on providing the best image quality for the next generation of 4K games with the new PlayStation 4 Pro… The marking between consoles from Sony and Microsoft is narrow and hard. If recently the Xbox One presented its S version which highlighted the 4K compatible graphics power with ...

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MiraMagia Masterfully Combines Farming and Fantasy


Gamers have a lot of options when it comes to browser based games. One of the best strategy games of this type is this railnation.us free browser game, in which players compete against others to create the most efficient and powerful railway business. For those who prefer farm simulation games, ...

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Clash of Lords 2

Clash of Lords 2

There are thousands of games available for the mobile users in the current times. This is the reason people of all ages and walks of life have downloaded or play online the games of their choices on these personal accessories to enjoy the same anytime they wish to. With the ...

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Why You Need To Start Playing the League of Legends

The League of Legends

The League of Legends is an action game with role playing elements that you can play online with other people. In this game, there are different teams with different attributes that you can play as. You can fight against other player’s one on one or with multiple players in different ...

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Swing Copters Playing Tips

swing copters

Swing Copters is surely an annoying game but if you had been missing the Flappy Bird, then get happy because alternative is available. Swing Copter is the creation of the developer of Flappy Bird with a similar simple yet complicated gameplay. Many people are already into playing the game and ...

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Shooting Games for development of kids and grownups

shooting game

Shooting games are the sub genre of the action games that tests the reaction time and speed of players. These are action based games played with the use of weapons. The games are designed with the purpose of shooting the opponent and accomplishing the mission. The main part of the ...

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Gran Turismo 6: Real adrenaline on virtual tracks

Gran Turismo 6

The miles disappear almost instantly by the grace of a horse of metal that takes us. Beside us, behind us, others want to overwhelm us, regardless. Error minimal distraction, we will lose the race or even death. Adrenaline is what keeps us alive, but we are sitting in front of ...

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