The home of the future is molded into a 3D printer

3d printing

Technology has reached unexpected levels. Every year, we look forward to different technology developers creating mind-boggling ideas to improve different areas of our lives. And although sometimes we find inventions not useful, this time we want to show you these great 3D Printers. In terms of printing and graphics, evolution and industry has gone through the era of printing such as print services Glendale AZ, copiers, photocopiers, HP printers, color laser printer and now, to finish surprising us, the 3D printer. The first 3D printers were created in the eighties.…

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HP Instant Ink, towards an economy on replacing ink cartridges

HP Instant Ink

Print can sometimes be very expensive. In addition, if we are not careful, might be running out of ink precisely at the time or you want to print documents. To address both problems, HP launched the service of ink cartridge replacement Instant Ink. Consumers can achieve a 70 percent reduction in their carbon footprint related to ink purchase and disposal by participating in HP Instant Ink which is also a move in the right direction towards sustainable packaging. If today the printers are rather cheap, the cartridges are much less.…

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Take Advantage Of The Latest Citrix Printing Software

printing software

Nearly every business can benefit from Citrix terminal printing and Citrix remote desktop printing technologies. They provide a quick and efficient manner to produce a high volume of documents. Let’s take a closer look at these capabilities and what sorts of scenarios they are designed for. The benefits of Citrix printing software are wide and varied. A universal print driver can be utilized to translate any sort of desired print job into a PDF format. This format allows for quick prints no matter how massive. PDFs take up significantly less…

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Scan the virtual markets for top quality HP ink cartridges

HP ink cartridges

The perennial question troubling the mind of anybody owning a printer and routinely printing many documents is – does ink cartridge refilling qualify as a smart alternative to purchasing new ones? Well, there’s no one word answer to this question, but if you know what kind of printing requirements you have, you’ll certainly be able to answer it. If you just need to print out routine paperwork for reading or archiving, then you wouldn’t mind a slight dip in the printing quality. In such cases, refilling is a smart move.…

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Buccaneer: Domestic 3D printers for less than 400 euros

buccaneer printer

More and more often we hear about the potential of 3D printers for corporate, educational, and domestic environments. Although there are already quite affordable and easy-to-use alternatives in the market, the main problems for its massive use continue to be, on the one hand, the high price in comparison with paper printers, and, secondly, that in many cases requires a complex process of Assembly and advanced knowledge in CAD design software to create plastic models. In order to overcome these barriers, the company Pirate3D created a Kickstarter project to launch…

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Save money and effort by using original HP consumables

HP cartridge

Many businesses and individuals think a good way to reduce costs is to use compatible consumables when performing printing of documents, a misconception since the use of such elements leads to a reduction in print quality, so the cheap end it will be expensive, hence the importance of using genuine consumables for printers. The cartridges can make up to 70% of the printing system of a printer, so that when you use genuine HP consumables, in addition to attaining a better final quality, we are helping to take care of…

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Amazon surrenders to 3D printing

3D printer

The e-commerce giant opens a section dedicated to this new technology with all kinds of machines and equipment that they need to make the pieces, as the filament or software for product design. With the rise of DIY movement (“do it yourself”) and the momentum that has taken in recent year’s technological development, different areas that, until now, were beyond the reach of ordinary mortals are beginning to be close at hand. Because, who, until a few months ago, thought that it would be possible to manufacture own child’s toys…

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Rely on Epson T0711 Ink Cartridges for High Performance

Epson T0711 ink cartridges

When you mull over superior quality inkjet printer supplies, Epson must be your first preference. With the rapid development of the market for inkjet printers, various manufacturers have also made rapid strides by bringing in more and more innovative products. Epson T0711 ink cartridges have carved out a niche for themselves in the highly competitive industry for inkjet printer supplies. The fundamental aspect behind the triumph of any inkjet printer is the superiority of its cartridges. Epson has invested a substantial amount of time and financial resources into research and…

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LG Pocket Photo

LG Pocket Photo

Since the Asian company LG have presented an original gadget that has been baptized as LG Pocket Photo, which for many, as the name might be some kind of device capable of taking pictures, but not. It is a portable photo printer that is capable of connecting to our terminal with Android operating system via USB and print images of 5 × 7 inches. A small ideal gadget for many people who like to have taken pictures instantly, in the purest Polaroid-style. Weighs just 200 grams and its price is…

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HP LaserJet Pro 200: two laser printers connected at low prices

HP LaserJet Pro 200

HP sells to destination of SMES two new LaserJet printers connected and tightened prices: the Pro 200 M251 and M276. HP LaserJet Pro M251 is a simple color laser printer which is not necessarily very fast (up to 14 pages/minute at 600 dpi maximum), but has a USB 2.0 port, a USB Host port, an Ethernet port and which offers WiFi connectivity.

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