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Soft robots that mimic human muscles

soft robots

Normally robots are expected to be rigid, fast and efficient. But these three features can be mutually exclusive for some activities. Researchers, Reconfigurable Robotics Laboratory of the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland, bet for a design very different from that one so typical and have developed soft robots ...

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Vidius is a small and fun drone

vidius drone

Manufactured by Axis, this tiny four centimeters gadget fit in the palm of the hand and can be operated via a remote or control from a smartphone or tablet, either Android or Apple. It is so small and lightweight – weighs approximately 0.55 grams – users in the US no ...

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Present a robot to make deliveries door to door

robot make deliveries

Starship Technologies, the company created by two of the founders of Skype, in London presented their latest invention: a robot for self shipments at home. The idea is to offer a greener alternative, in principle, at least, that scooters or trucks that are used to make deliveries door to door, ...

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Meccano parts will be part of an open source robot

meccano robot

Like other systems, educational games, the company plans to introduce a kit to build an android that can be armed and programmed by children and adolescents… With pieces of polycarbonate, Meccano introduced a kit for the children and young people can create their own robot. Under the name of Meccanoid ...

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