SAM, the robot that lay bricks six times faster than a human

brick laying robot

It is a fact: efficiency is one of the great advantages that robots have against humans. The machines are able to perform many tasks better than we, in less time and without needing rest, qualities that make them the perfect operator. Many experts predict the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and if you take a look at the technology that surrounds us, you will agree that there is no shortage of evidence to think that there is little left for workers to be replaced by machines. The figures speak…

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The new robot from Boston Dynamics like something out of a science fiction movie

new atlas robot

Boston Dynamics, Alphabet robotics company, has introduced a new version of its Atlas humanoid robot which claims to be more autonomous than ever and even to resist the abuses to which it is undergoing. Atlas has been designed to work both outdoors and indoors, it specializes in mobile handling and replicates the appearance that would like an adult, since it measures 1.75 meters and weighs almost 82 kilos. However, the most striking of the robot is not only its appearance, but all the functions it can perform that seem straight…

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Vidius is a small and fun drone

vidius drone

Manufactured by Axis, this tiny four centimeters gadget fit in the palm of the hand and can be operated via a remote or control from a smartphone or tablet, either Android or Apple. It is so small and lightweight – weighs approximately 0.55 grams – users in the US no need to register, unlike large drones, according to a new law that took effect in December and that has made thousands of people document their device. Although it is designed for those who want to enter the world of drones’…

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A bracelet detects the movement of the muscles and allows you to control a prosthesis

MYO bracelet

Presented two years ago, MYO is a smart bracelet developed by the Canadian company Thalmic Labs that allows control systems and electronic devices by the movement of the muscles of the arm. This type of gesture control began to be used as a new gamepad for video games as well as a futuristic interaction in the way we interact with virtual objects. As often happens with other technologies, the performance of the MYO bracelet went beyond its main objectives, and researchers at Johns Hopkins University managed to find a different…

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Drone Parrot Bebop 2, more autonomy and always with onboard camera

Drone Parrot Bebop 2

The Parrot brand intends to become a world leader in the field of leisure drones. Coming to conduct a capital increase of 300 million euro, the manufacturer has also unveil the new Bebop 2 model that presents all in a slightly more compact format, with Full HD camera on the snout and optimized autonomy can afford to use the unit for 20 to 25 minutes non-stop. The Parrot drones are known to be particularly stable and controllable easily from an application on smartphone or tablet, but also from a controller…

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Present a robot to make deliveries door to door

robot make deliveries

Starship Technologies, the company created by two of the founders of Skype, in London presented their latest invention: a robot for self shipments at home. The idea is to offer a greener alternative, in principle, at least, that scooters or trucks that are used to make deliveries door to door, since it’s a device with an electric motor. In this case, with a robot capable of carrying ten kilograms of cargo (two bags grocery shopping, as defined by its creators), which will go down the path at a speed of…

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Sharp prepares RoboHon, a small robot and mobile phone with multiple functions


They have large dimension touch screen, powerful processors that offer services similar to a desktop computer, and cameras that already allow to register images of high quality. With these advances, cell phones have managed to win the label of smartphones by its multiple benefits. However, despite being a personal device and an assistant for everyday tasks, these device typically maintain a classic rectangular design with touch screen. At this point, Sharp tried to give a friendly format to the smartphones in the hands of RoboHan, a friendly android twenty feet…

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A robotic flowerpot so that the plants are always under the sun


Sunlight causes many species to adopt various behaviors to access this resource in order to develop its life cycle. In some cases, plants have no choice but to wait for the owner’s locate in a better position to receive a better lighting. However, with the help of robotics, the pots can have an autonomous movement that allows them to track the presence of sunlight. Developed by Purdue University, Soybots is a project that combines robotics with botany through a series of sensors that locate the presence of light. In this…

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Meccano parts will be part of an open source robot

meccano robot

Like other systems, educational games, the company plans to introduce a kit to build an android that can be armed and programmed by children and adolescents… With pieces of polycarbonate, Meccano introduced a kit for the children and young people can create their own robot. Under the name of Meccanoid G15 KS, Android can be programmed to taste thanks to the Mecca Brain system, with voice recognition functions and operations may also be integrated with phones and tablets using the official application for iOS and Android.

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