Get introduced to the best iPhone Transfer Software, IOTransfer 3

iphone manager

IOTransfer 3 is an excellent iPhone and iPad manager that transfers all your videos and photos instantly. It can be done between PC, iPad, and iPhone. Without the help of iTunes, you can take the back up of your pictures on your computer or laptop. The best thing is about this iPhone Transfer Software is you can now share and retain all your special moments instantly anywhere, anytime. You can even manage your albums on your own. Additionally, with the help of this incredible IOTransfer 3, you can delete all…

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Find lost files with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

data recovery wizard

The greatest frustration for every internet user is losing a data. Have you ever inadvertently deleted an important file or thinking you didn’t need it anymore? Fortunately, file recovery software is coming your way! Consider EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard as your knight of shining armor coming to the rescue. About data recovery wizard Downloading the program of this user-friendly software is easy and takes only a minute to install. Other options are used like the self-explanatory – create desktop icon. Wizard is also available for Windows and Mac. The Windows…

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Windows 10 Data Recovery: Get Damaged based Lost Photo Recovered

Windows 10 data recovery

Have your data disappears from Windows 10 computer? Are you looking for the best and convenient solution of Windows 10 data recovery? If yes then you’ve come to the right place. In this post you will get to know about data loss reasons from Windows 10 computer and simple solution of free data recovery software. Well, Windows 10 is the newest version of the operating system that comes with some advanced features. Its interface is very interactive and easy to use. On the other hand, many of its users go…

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Volvo On Call, the application to control your Volvo from connected watches

Volvo On Call

The automotive industry embraces more and more new technologies in the image of the Volvo constructor that multiplies the innovations in this sector. Thus, the firm has announced the availability of a new update for its implementation Volvo On Call application, which now allows you to control certain functions of your car from a smartphone, but also from a connected Apple Watch or under Android Wear. Before you can drive a car through a connected watch, manufacturers innovate by offering new functionality. Thus, Audi had demonstrated at the last show…

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Importance of backup software

importance of backup

Backups are the most essential thing to have when you are using your system. If you are trying to upgrade or if your computer crashes, then the backup is one thing that you can rely upon. Experts always advise on having a proper backup before you try out new things on your system. Taking proper backup can be a time consuming affair, so there are many users who avoid getting into the complication of taking a backup. There are different types of backup available and depending on your nature of…

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Keeping a Key Logger Software – Keeping You Safe at All Times

keeping key logger software

At 1.5 million victims per day, around 556 million individuals become a victim of cyber crime every year which means that every 18 seconds a person faces cyber crime without being able to do much about it. Statistics reveal that not even half of the cyber criminals are caught and are able to get away quite easily. Does that scare you too? If your answer is yes, it is high time you start thinking how to keep all your online data safe and secure. After all you want to ensure…

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Twitter plans to launch its own online video platform to compete with YouTube

twitter own online video platform

Twitter plans to incorporate its own publishing system that allows you to play video content, according to a publication that leaked this function. Unlike productions six seconds long made ​​by Vine, one of his first standalone applications, in this case the company will allow users to upload files to MOV or MP4 format up to 10 minutes in length. A sample of the videos published natively on Twitter could be seen in one of the publications made by the site of technology The Verge, which shows a summary of CES…

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Warn against possible cyber attacks based on USB connectors

usb key

The software responsible for administering this popular type of connection used by mobile phones, memory sticks and peripherals can be modified to electronic surveillance and remote control of equipment, according to a report from German specialists. The USB devices can operate as the spearhead of a potential hacker attack on personal computers, either through a keyboard, a memory key or other accessories that use this type of connection, according to a report published by the Computer Security firm SR Labs Berlin, Germany. Under this scheme, an attacker could modify the…

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The Size And Quality Of The Video Matters

video resolution

The pixel given in terms of the width and height is the resolution. There is a standard resolution and high definition resolution. For videos in DVD there are many options in standard resolution. The numbers also vary in High Definition resolution. However there is a limitation to the number attached to standard and high definition. The video resolution has to be adjusted in size to be able to support in computers, tablets and mobile phones. But mobile phones need specific resolution that is supported. By increasing the resolution of the…

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Data Recovery Software Solve Your Data Troubles

Whenever we hear the word free, it usually comes with a catch. So when there’s a free data recovery software that is available, we would expect that it would not come with the full features that we come to know of. Having to download data recovery software from online and start using it is a breeze. All you need is to fill in your particulars as well as a working email then you’re set to go. A download link will then be sent to your email. It can be used…

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