A camera that connects who takes the group photo

Today we are going to surprise basis of gadgets of those who leave speechless, and we will do so with an idea that started from iF Design Talents, a group of designers who have felt that one of the problems of the cameras we have in the market is the fact that for a group photo, someone always has to stay out of the catch.

Not One Less camera

And of course, much as the cameras have timers that can be used, it is never the same. And to solve the problem, born Not One Less camera.

The Not One Less camera is a camera that simply incorporates a rear camera, ie a camera that is capable of capturing who takes the picture, and then do a show with him in the same capture automatically. It seems a simple idea, but at the same time, it is complex to have reached it. And like all great ideas, it seems to us very easy now that we have in front. But why did not we think of that before?

The Not One Less camera is very simple to use and something like that all, especially when we went out in gang we first imagined having.

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