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SteelSeries Sensei is also now wireless

SteelSeries Sensei Wireless

One of the gaming mice market more curious is the SteelSeries Sensei, introduced several years ago and enjoys a number of leading features. For despite already take a while in the hands of many users, SteelSeries has now presented the wireless version. SteelSeries Sensei Wireless maintains all the features of ...

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AMD R7 260X, analysis

AMD R7 260X

Having already used almost all of the R9 (290x, 290 and 280X; soon there will be more) is the shift down a notch and go for the lesser family. The AMD R7, graphics cards evolved from past generations but have also seen small changes in price and design. We start ...

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EIZO FORIS FG242: First 240 Hz monitor for gaming


The Japanese manufacturer specializing in visual display presented the high performance EIZO FORIS FG2421, advertised as the first gaming monitor with refresh rate of 240Hz. The EIZO FORIS FG2421 uses a VA LED backlit LCD panel, 23.5-inch screen and Full HD 1920 x 1080 native resolution. It has viewing angles ...

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ASUS announces the first motherboard with Thunderbolt 2

ASUS Z87-Deluxe/Quad

ASUS has presented motherboard Z87-Deluxe/Quad, the first certified to support second-generation interconnect technology equipment and devices Intel Thunderbolt 2. An interface that doubles the theoretical bandwidth of the thunderbolt original offering data transfer speeds to 20 Gbps and adding support for 4K resolutions. Thunderbolt 2 is compatible with existing wired ...

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