Google plans to launch online services designed for children

online services for children

Internet services, social networks and mobile devices are resources and tools developed and used by adults, but in recent years have begun to be appropriate for children and youth. Even Facebook, the large dominant social networking platform only support users over 13 years, although not surprising that children enter with lacking data or with the assistance of their parents. That’s why the company led by Mark Zuckerberg evaluates change this rule. Beyond the risks of raid the kids in the virtual world, the fact is that technology companies have begun…

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Google bought Dropcam and moving towards smart home

google bought dropcam

The operation was separately confirmed last Friday the official blog of Dropcam and in the Nest Labs, the company acquired by Google earlier this year that became the automation unit dedicated to home services within the browser. The amount of the transaction was $555 million. Dropcam is a wireless service that allows cameras to monitor any movement within the home. Dropcam differential over other services they offer something similar is its easy installation and web platform that allows you to see in real time what the cameras are capturing and…

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Google will encrypt all Gmail messages

gmail message

The massive spying in the United States had repercussions on all thought of technology companies. After the revelations that started Edward Snowden and the subsequent scandal, Google decided that, from now on, all messages from Gmail use encrypted HTTPS connection from the moment you read or send email. The HTTPS connection was available from the launch of Gmail in 2004 to enter the username and password, and six years later Google implemented it as a default. This new scheme means that communication will be encrypted during the tour of the…

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Google adds changes in the results of its web browser

google adds

Google made changes to the results of its flagship Web browser, with a subtle redesign unlike other changes that the company implemented. Thus, queries made by users are displayed with a larger font, a new distribution of links and a new way of displaying the ads, the main source of income for the U.S. firm. Unlike the previous version, this design shows warnings first without the pink background that identified each of the links related to its AdWords platform. This new view provides advertising web links accompanied with a small…

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Google will offer a preview of the images in Gmail messages

gmail preview images

Something as simple as automatic preview images in Gmail messages was restricted so far. This method was used by Google for security, and required the user to authorize the system to see photos attached to a sender. However, the Google service will now allow photos automatically attached in e-mail message, either in its web version and applications for mobile devices, iOS and Android. For this, the company implemented a secure proxy service to ensure the safety of online users. Google says that, in this way, Gmail users will see a…

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