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This is what will Facebook change to combat false news

facebook combat false news

Facebook announced on Thursday measures to combat the dissemination of false news for its huge social network, focusing on the most toxic messages and using a committee of experts to distinguish between legitimate news and obvious falsehoods. First of all, Facebook will provide more users to report any content deemed ...

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Facebook adds buttons to ask personal data

facebook button ask

Though exposure we’ve gone from the creation of Facebook, some people still prefer to hide certain aspects of their personal lives in their profiles. For those curious, who no longer know that other prefer to keep secret, there is a new way to find out: buttons to ask. The platform ...

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Facebook simplifies its version for PC

facebook new look

Yesterday Facebook began deploying a new look, inspired by the mobile version. When accessed from a PC to the Facebook site, the users will have a new general view of news, simplest and that privileges the size of the images. “Last year, we experimented with a complete redesign of the ...

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