Jarvis, the artificial intelligence system of Mark Zuckerberg


Artificial intelligence is no longer a fictional story, like Jarvis in the Iron Man films. Mark Zuckerberg has announced his own artificial intelligence system, also called Jarvis. This was the biggest project of the owner of Facebook for 2016. Jarvis is a system that Zuckerberg created to run at home. It works by controlling things in the home like lights, temperature, appliances, music and security. It can also learn tastes and patterns and even new words and concepts. This uses several techniques from artificial intelligence, including natural language processing, voice…

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This is what will Facebook change to combat false news

facebook combat false news

Facebook announced on Thursday measures to combat the dissemination of false news for its huge social network, focusing on the most toxic messages and using a committee of experts to distinguish between legitimate news and obvious falsehoods. First of all, Facebook will provide more users to report any content deemed unlikely; now it can be done in two steps and not in three. If enough users report a particular article, Facebook will refer it to an association of expert organizations linked to the Poynter Journalism Institute. Those organizations for now…

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Facebook fights the ad blockers with ads that cannot be blocked

facebook fights ad blockers

At the end of last year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, warned investors of the danger posed by the rise of advertisements blockers, ad blockers, for the accounts of the social network. Now Facebook has begun to combat it with a new type of advertising that makes useless advertising developed by companies of software such as AdBlock, that yes, it allows the user to customize which ads the user wants to see. The company explains that when ads “are relevant and well done, can be useful to help us find new…

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Aquila: Facebook solar airplane gives free internet connection

aquila facebook solar plane

Facebook is now a company that apart from having a social network and social applications and more used in the world conversation, has a solar plane. It’s weird to think Facebook as a company with aircraft, but it is. Aquila, the first solar plane that will be connecting to the internet, has lifted the flight for the first time. This is the first public evidence of the Facebook idea to create a network of solar aircraft that will fly over areas without internet access or phone to give them connectivity.…

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Facebook Messenger already has web interface with its own domain

facebook messenger

After announcing that transform Facebook Messenger on a platform for instant messaging, the company of the world’s most widely used social network announce that it has taken the concept of using the messaging service as a separate app to a web site, with the domain of www.messenger.com. This marks another step in the intention to transform Facebook Messenger on a separate platform, which for use require an account on the social network, as with a Gmail account can access all Google services. The Facebook Messenger web application looks very similar…

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Facebook introduced Slingshot, a new application for sharing photos and video

facebook introduced slingshot

It allows you to publish content that require a picture or selfie to change that then are deleted automatically, like its rival Snapchat. Having tried to acquire Snapchat and having bought WhatsApp for 19,000 million dollars, Facebook tries to return to the field of mobile instant messaging with Slingshot, an application that allows users to exchange photos and videos that self-destruct after being viewed by recipients.

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Facebook adds buttons to ask personal data

facebook button ask

Though exposure we’ve gone from the creation of Facebook, some people still prefer to hide certain aspects of their personal lives in their profiles. For those curious, who no longer know that other prefer to keep secret, there is a new way to find out: buttons to ask. The platform is testing this new tool, according to the U.S. portal Business Insider, so it is not even visible to all the members. There was also no official announcement from the developers. The function is simple: just press a button where…

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Drones, balloons and satellites, the recipe of Facebook to connect the world

drones for facebook

The leader of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, a group of experts in computer science, aeronautics and aerospace technology that are developing systems to carry Internet everywhere on the planet. Technicians, some of whom passed before NASA or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), studying the use of drones (small helicopters) and satellites can transmit Internet signals using infrared lasers. The team is part of the initiative internet.org by Zuckerberg in 2013 in collaboration with Nokia, Samsung and Qualcomm, among other companies, which aims to provide connectivity to 5000 million people living…

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Facebook simplifies its version for PC

facebook new look

Yesterday Facebook began deploying a new look, inspired by the mobile version. When accessed from a PC to the Facebook site, the users will have a new general view of news, simplest and that privileges the size of the images. “Last year, we experimented with a complete redesign of the News Feed for computers and mobile-explained from the company. People who tried told us they liked the pictures and large pictures of the desktop version, but do not found any more difficult to browse the site. Today we are developing…

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