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Huawei introduces artificial intelligence to its chip

Kirin 970

Chinese telecoms giant Huawei unveiled the world’s first mobile smartphone chip on Saturday, ahead of its top two rivals, South Korea’s Samsung and Apple Inc., at the Berlin electronics show. “Smartphones are smart, but they are not smart enough”, said Richard Yu, chief executive of Huawei, who did not introduce ...

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Google will work with renewable energy from 2017

google work with renewable energy

Internet giant Google announced Tuesday that all its offices and data center will be powered renewable energy by 2017, which will be consolidated in the largest corporate buyer of clean electricity. Google said in a statement that it is the “world’s largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy” with a demand ...

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Invent a device that eliminates menstrual pain

livia eliminates menstrual pain

It works with the use of electrodes that stimulate the nerve in the pelvic area so that the painful sensation does not come to the brain. It lasts approximately 15 hours. A group of scientists and Iranian researchers invented a device called Livia that eliminates menstrual pain running through a ...

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Ford and Google plan to join to make autonomous vehicles

google to make autonomous vehicles

Google is in talks with the automaker Ford Motor Company to help the Internet search engine to build autonomous vehicles, the weekly Automotive News quoting a person with familiar of the project. If takes the form of the manufacturing agreement, is expected to be announced at the annual Consumer Electronics ...

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