All you need to know about Windows 10

about Windows 10

The new version of the Windows operating system comes with important developments and changes, with which it will seek to, improve the image after the criticisms of the shortcomings of Windows 8. According to an announcement by the company, version 10 searches again adapt its platform to more traditional environments, desktop, mouse and keyboard. Technically, what started with Windows 8.1, perfect with the new Windows 10. In this sense, stands out the return of the tradition Start Menu, although with significant changes, with direct access to some of the applications…

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Apple test the integration of LinkedIn in iOS 7

Apple is testing the integration of the professional social network LinkedIn in the new version of its mobile operating system iOS 7. According to the source code of the first beta of the platform, as stated 9to5Mac, the code is similar to that already used by the Cupertino Company to integrate Twitter and Facebook. The references also indicate that users can easily post content such as internet links, or via iOS apps. Apple introduced iOS 7, the new version of its mobile operating system, in its annual developer conference. The…

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Internet Explorer: Serious security flaw in IE

Internet Explorer security

Found serious security flaw in Internet Explorer that allows cyber-criminals to attack the user’s computer. Though some details are still unknown for this error, and there have been successful attacks that infect victims with malware. Microsoft is working to release a patch to address this security issue. While preparing this update, the company has advised users to download a free security tool from Microsoft and change Windows settings to minimize possible damage. As indicated from the security company Rapid7, from hole found in Internet Explorer the spammers could get the…

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Windows 8: the best applications for Windows 8

windows 8 apps

Just a few weeks before released the new version of Microsoft operating system Windows 8, developers are still preparing its applications to fill the Microsoft apps store and get ahead in the race that can make this new software platform in the case it becomes successful. Although many of these applications are still in a previous state, we have selected five of the most interesting tools that can be found at the moment in the store of Windows 8. Soundtracker Radio If you are a music lover, this is your…

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Windows 8 will arrive in late October

Windows 8

This was just announced Microsoft at its Worldwide Partner Conference in through the Marketing Director Tami Reller while confirming that production will begin in early August. How much will upgrade older operating systems like Vista or XP? What devices will incorporate? Actually already knew it would come in the fall of this year; however it was not known when exactly. The ad is actually a confirmation of established planning and putting its date to one of the most anticipated counterattacks in the world of technology and at the battle of…

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