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Guide for keeping backup of files online

online backup process

With change in time and technology people have started saving all the information on computers, laptop etc. Now all the things and information are on systems for example pictures, documents, songs and movies etc. Many of people don’t regularly take backup of files so creating online backup is a blessing ...

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Theft Prevention and Intrusion Detection

data server

Security and access control is one of the most important aspects of setting up any data center or communications room system. Because of strict government regulations in the UK on data security, data retention and access control, as a company you will need to comply with these strictures to make ...

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Did Your Data Ride Out The Recent Storms?

data recovery

It can be a devastating moment when you make the discovery that the irreplaceable information that was once taken for granted as just ‘being there’ has now disappeared. The recent terrible Hurricane Sandy storms and especially the power outages in the Manhattan and New Jersey areas have generated a huge ...

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