How to Keep Stress Levels Low When Managing a Start-up

start-up management

When it comes to business management, there are few things more rewarding – and frustrating – than dealing with a start-up. During a company’s first year, it is typical to expect problem after problem as you do your best to get the job done despite being pulled from all sides. It is the reason why experienced business owners often consider the start-up to be the most stressful part of business management. Fortunately, while start-up management can be frustrating it does not have to be such a stressful experience. There are…

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How to recover information from a damaged hard disk

recover hard disk

Despite taking preventive measures or making backup copies, a hard drive fails and we can lose valuable information is within the possibilities of day to day given that the hard drive can suffer accidents, errors of various kinds, which has a certain useful life or something as basic as accidentally deleting a certain file. When a hard drive is not recognized by our operating system, makes strange noises or directly seems “dead”, how to recover the information it contains, especially if it is personal and/or work and we do not…

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What Businesses Can Learn about Cyber Security from the Sony Hack

cyber security

Remember the Sony hack? It is the most devastating cyber security breach any big company has faced in the past decade. Sony lost millions of dollars due to the hack, not to mention the devastating blow to the company’s reputation. The authorities are still investigating the group responsible for the attack. The U.S. government has said the hack was initiated by a North Korea-affiliated group. Regardless, Sony is not getting back what it lost. The U.S.-based studio and the parent corporation in Japan are still recovering from the loss. Sony…

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Confidential Customer Information: Are You Managing This Data Correctly And Securely?

managing data correctly

Do you run a business or organization that deals with confidential customer information? If so, the onus is on you to ensure that sensitive data gets kept in a safe and secure manner. The trouble is; many businesses fail to take adequate steps to do so. And if those firms ever get hacked, that sensitive data will soon get made public. You might think that these problems only affect small businesses and organizations. But large corporations and even government departments get affected by these problems too!

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Apple fixes a serious security flaw in Mac OS X and iOS

apple fixes security flaw

Apple made ​​available to users a software update to fix a serious security flaw affecting computers with Mac OS X in its latest version, called Mavericks, and mobile devices with iOS, such as iPhone, multimedia player iPod touch and iPad tablet. This vulnerability allowed a computer criminal could access under certain circumstances, to data transmitted under the SSL protocol, used for online banking transactions and online stores. The security flaw reaches only to computers with the Mavericks version of OS X, but came to affect core services such as Facetime,…

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Guide for keeping backup of files online

online backup process

With change in time and technology people have started saving all the information on computers, laptop etc. Now all the things and information are on systems for example pictures, documents, songs and movies etc. Many of people don’t regularly take backup of files so creating online backup is a blessing for all of us. By creating online backup of important documents prepares the user for the worst. If hard drive fails the computer user has access to data on a click of mouse. Now when the data is stored online…

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Google improves security of passwords stored in Chrome

chrome password security

One of the most criticized aspects of Chrome was undoubtedly the lack of security that showed the browser compared to the passwords we had stored on it, which can have very negative consequences for the end user. In this sense seemed necessary to change that, finally, it seems that they are on their way. Yes, Google has finally taken up the matter and give brief kick off a new security measure with which to protect our passwords saved on Chrome.

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Theft Prevention and Intrusion Detection

data server

Security and access control is one of the most important aspects of setting up any data center or communications room system. Because of strict government regulations in the UK on data security, data retention and access control, as a company you will need to comply with these strictures to make sure your business is running as smoothly as possible. You will also be able to insure yourself in the long term against major losses, because backup systems, CCTV, intruder alarms, motion detectors and even lock-down systems can all assist in…

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Did Your Data Ride Out The Recent Storms?

data recovery

It can be a devastating moment when you make the discovery that the irreplaceable information that was once taken for granted as just ‘being there’ has now disappeared. The recent terrible Hurricane Sandy storms and especially the power outages in the Manhattan and New Jersey areas have generated a huge need for data recovery in New York. As many businesses rebuild, they will be recovering equipment that appears to be unusable and wondering what they can do to recover their data. Fortunately there are companies who have the equipment and…

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