Free or premium themes – which is best option

Choosing the wordpress theme for the site is always an excellent job when there are many premium and free wordpress themes are available. Most of the people who are new to the marketing get confused when they are made to choose the theme. They do not know which type of them they need to choose and if they have to spend some money on getting the premium themes for their site.

Free or premium themes

Most of the new bloggers who start using the wordpress for the first time thinks about using the free themes instead of premium when they can obtain the themes for free. Free wordpress themes are not completely useless and bad. People can find many themes in the directory of wordpress theme. Major problem that comes with the free themes is the updates. Most of the theme developers release a base version free theme and then they use it to for selling the pro version of that free theme. WordPress site is constantly updating the technology of the themes after every certain period of time. The theme, plugins and other things are updated to match with the updated and latest version of the theme.

When people use the paid premium themes for their sites, it is the duty of the company to release the compatible and updated version of the theme. Whereas, the creators of free theme are using their themes as their side project and people have to wait for months to get the upgraded version of the theme they use in their site. In order to get quick updated themes, people have to buy the themes from the best wordpress theme developing company. Almost all the companies providing premium themes will provide free support to the clients because of the membership whereas people cannot get any free support for the free themes.

WordPress themes also play a major part in the SEO of the site. In free wordpress themes, people will find several structure bugs and only few of them will provide inbuilt SEO options. It is important for site to have clean code to load faster apart from SEO optimized.

Premium wordpress themes are in the competitive marketplace and it should offer web integration and latest features to survive.

Free themes will have only limited number of features. It will be difficult for the people who like to have a particular feature in their site until the theme developer agreed to offer free support. One of the things that makes the free wordpress themes bad is most of the people are encrypting the footer and sell those links. This creates a bad impact on the SEO of their blog. People who are new to the blog can compare the features, benefits and drawbacks of both free and premium wordpress themes before selecting the one for them. They can make a search in the internet to find the best wordpress theme developing site. They can choose the website and check out the live demo of the themes to know the theme that suits their site.