Facebook fights the ad blockers with ads that cannot be blocked

facebook fights ad blockers

At the end of last year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, warned investors of the danger posed by the rise of advertisements blockers, ad blockers, for the accounts of the social network. Now Facebook has begun to combat it with a new type of advertising that makes useless advertising developed by companies of software such as AdBlock, that yes, it allows the user to customize which ads the user wants to see. The company explains that when ads “are relevant and well done, can be useful to help us find new…

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Google launches a new application try to sink Skype and FaceTime

google duo

The giant Google is almost the owner of Internet. Thanks to its search engine, to its email Gmail and Android mobile the company of Mountain View is omnipresent in the network. However, there is a small redoubt of the market that resists: videoconferencing. When it comes to talking face to face, Skype from Microsoft is the King of computers and tablets, while FaceTime has no rival in the iPhone mobile. Now the mega-corporation also wants participate in that segment, and will launch Duo.

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