5 Tips for Creating a Strong Password for gmail.com Login

The increasing expanse of the internet and with the number of cyber crimes on the high, it is becoming really important to ensure the best online security for every user. The Gmail account is often one of the most crucial online accounts maintained by the users, and losing this account, or letting an unauthorized access happen to this account can have deleterious effect on your life and work.

protect gmail password

Passwords play a crucial role in making our data secured in the online world, and ensuring that your Gmail account has a strong password is one of the most vital things that you need to do to ensure your complete security in the web world. Here are some tips that will help you to create a strong password for Gmail login:

Keep a Long Password
Your Gmail password should be a long one; 11 characters or even more can be better to ensure maximum security. It is much easier to break the shorter passwords compared to the long ones, so opting for a long password is surely the first thing to do.

Opt for a password which is difficult to guess by people known to you
Do never opt for a password that can be guessed easily. Your name, your date of birth, the number of your house, your mobile number, the name of your children, all these can be guessed pretty quickly; so never select a password that includes information known to everybody or can be easily collected.

Avoid Repetitive passwords
Repetitive passwords like, 11111, 1000111, aaaa0122 cannot provide enough security to your Gmail account. These passwords can be easily matched with the help of hacking software and that will offer easy access to anyone. So while deciding the password for your account does not opt for these easy options.

Selecting passwords by mixing numbers, alphabets and special characters would be wise
Selecting a password that includes words and numbers in un-repetitive sequence can be a good choice. Think of a word, and a number that you can easily remember, but others cannot guess easily; mix them or just lay them side by side to make your password. Try to include a special character within this alphanumeric chain; including more than one special character in this chain can make your password even stronger. The strength of your password will increase with increasing the length and complexity of the chain, including more characters will certainly make it stronger and difficult for any hackers to break in.

Remember your password
One of the most important things about creating a password for your Gmail is that you should be able to remember it well. Obviously Google offers you all the options to recover your account in case you happen to forget your password, but doing that every time can be really bothering. So, chose a password that is alphanumeric includes special characters, is long enough and that you can remember well. Writing down your Gmail password in a paper or in the memo of your mobile might not be a much secured way to preserve it.

The above 5 tips can be really helpful to decide a strong password for your Gmail login. So, keep in mind the above tips to ensure the best password protection for your online mail account.