Apple becomes world’s number one smartphone in the U.S.

It seems that things could not be better to Cupertino. At the end of the end it was shown that those rumors that the iPhone 5 did not work in the market as had been hoped collapsed while presenting the annual sales report, and now the apple celebrate another good news, or rather, one of the best news could start the year, because Apple becomes world’s number one smartphone in the U.S..

Iphone Apple

Although it may seem a figure, the truth is that it is not, first because the American market must remember it is the birthplace of Apple, while Samsung, which until nothing was number one is actually a Korean company.

Second because the battle between Samsung and Apple is already looking for both mythological and removed the markets of different countries every month. And this time we have lost to Samsung.

In any case do not trust, because if things go as planned in the calendar, the new Samsung always will arrive prior to the new iPhone, and also after the showed in the CES 2012 promise many innovations, and of the new iPhone, be iPhone 5s or new iPhone, we have data only.