Awesome and Inspiring Uses for Your iPhone

Ever since the iPhone was first released all those years ago, I’ve seen tons of clever people manage to find creative ways to utilize their phone for a range of utilitarian and frivolous purposes. These days it seems that the iPhone can do everything you need it to except slice your veggies. But what are some of the most truly inspiring and awesome ways to use your iPhone? Let me share with you some of the coolest ways I have seen or heard of iPhones being utilized.

uses for iphone

Living Through Disasters
That’s right, in a disaster scenario, an iPhone can be invaluable. A good flashlight app just might save your life by giving you light when you need it most. But in addition to that, there are a range of first aid apps that can assist you in treating your own, or others, wounds should you incur any during a natural disaster. There are even apps that can assist you in conducting CPR should such an emergency situation ever arise. Save your life, save others? Are you ready to answer the call to be a hero?

An Invaluable Musician’s Tool
There have been a wide range of free and paid metronome apps available for the iPhone for years. Every musician worth his mettle will need one of those to practice with. But whatever level of musician you are, there are practice apps, tuners, chord libraries for keyboard and guitar players, even beat books for percussionists. Truly, the iPhone is a musician’s best friend.

Dinner Guide
Whether you are eating in or out, the iPhone is an invaluable tool for making dinner plans. With a range of recipe apps, some even made by professional chefs, wow your friends with your amazing cooking skills and get great new meal ideas. Not in the mood to cook? Let UrbanSpoon or Yelp or any range of restaurant review apps help you decide on your next meal out by providing restaurant reviews and suggestions.

Blood Alcohol Level
Been to a club or bar? Think you may have had a few too many? Not sure if it is safe to drive home? The iPhone now has a range of apps designed to track your drink intake and provide an accurate estimation of your current blood alcohol level. Thinking to use one of these handy apps while you are out and about may just be enough to save your life and the lives of others as well. Here is one of my favorites.

Obviously, this list isn’t able to cover the full range of nifty functions your iPhone can perform for you, but it should give you an idea of the range of applications your phone can be utilized for.