ClamCase Pro: Accessory to transform your iPad into a Macbook

Today we will talk of Apple accessories in the world, and in this case specifically for the brand tablet, iPad.

ClamCase Pro

This is not an accessory either as the many that are currently on the market, if not a housing with a very clear promise, since it promises us to transform our Apple tablet on a computer of the same apple brand of. And so, ClamCase Pro, said to be the accessory to transform your iPad into a Macbook.

The case allows the possibility of adding a keyboard that connects via Bluetooth 3.0, and that gives us the option of regarding exterior design, the gadget we get is very similar to the MacBook Pro.

As for technical features it should be noted that it weighs 680 grams and has dimensions of 20 × 24.5 × 2.15 cm. It has a battery with autonomy of up to 100 interest hours of consistent use, and therefore it is almost certain that you’re going to get a good party without fear of running out of battery in a short time. That if, the price is not exactly inexpensive, and transforms your iPad into a Macbook Pro, although it is on the outside is $169.