Data Recovery Software Solve Your Data Troubles

Whenever we hear the word free, it usually comes with a catch. So when there’s a free data recovery software that is available, we would expect that it would not come with the full features that we come to know of.

Having to download data recovery software from online and start using it is a breeze. All you need is to fill in your particulars as well as a working email then you’re set to go. A download link will then be sent to your email. It can be used to recover data due to deleting, formatting, partition loss, improper operation and so much more.

You can now fully recover your deleted images, documents, videos, audios, emails, you name it, and it should be able to be recovered. Furthermore, it makes for a safe, quick and complete data recovery. It is so easy to use and all it takes are just few clicks to get back all your data safely.

The download data recovery that is free is able to recover files from a hard drive, an external hard drive recovery, a USB drive, a memory card, a digital camera, a mobile phone, a music player and so much more. All it takes are three simple steps that and you’re on your road to data recovery. First of all, you select the Recovery Mode, next the Scanning part and finally the Preview and Recover step.

On the first step which is the Recovery Mode, there are actually three customized modes that is available. The first one, Deleted File Recovery mode allows you to recover deleted files with their original file names and paths intact, just like it was never missing in the first place. The second mode is the Complete Recovery which allows for recovering date due to formatting, system reinstallation, improper shutdown or even a virus attack. Thirdly is by doing Partition Recovery which allows for data recovery from a deleted or a lost partition. For all the modes, it allows for up to 2GB of recovery of the missing data.

The second step which is the Scanning part is where you specify the file types that you wish to recover prior to scanning to give you a more precise searching result. Especially if you still can remember what it is that is missing and you can now filter the search by file name, file type, date and size to find the files quickly and save precious time. There’s also an option to save previously scanned result and import it to resume recovery without having to scan again which again saves some time.

The final step to complete the data recovery process is to Preview and Recover. After the scanning is completed, you will be informed of the files that are available for recovery so that you can pick and choose only the files that you wanted to recover.