SnapChat deceived users: Messages not disappear

Snapchat a very popular messaging application in the United States, has reached an agreement with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that was accused of tricking users with the promise of “disappearance” of messages.

snapchat deceived users

The FCC said that the claims of the company able to fade all messages sent through its application were misleading and false. The Commission says in a statement that in reality, shared through Snapchat messages or photographs could be captured and stored permanently through third party applications, and other methods as the usual “screenshot” that offer phones.

The demand for the FCC also noted that the company deceived its users in relation to the amount of personal data collected. Snapchat guarantees that all sent messages disappeared and after that had no private user data, reports ABC.

That statement was complicated when Snapchat suffered a security breach of losing 4.6 million telephone numbers and user names. “The entrance of this information could lead to spam, phishing and other communications not requested decades”, said the FCC in a statement.

With the agreement to Snapchat are prohibited from “misrepresenting its privacy policy, security or confidentiality of information of the users”. Not only this, but its privacy program will be monitored by the authorities during the next 20 years.

Snapchat has issued a small statement in which he explains that this past year has been learning, which takes place in trial and error. Ensure that privacy is the most commitment. “We are dedicated to the promotion of user privacy and give Snapchatters control over how and with whom they communicate. That is something that we have always taken seriously, and we always will”.