Do you know technology-related diseases?

Although from our blog we recognize that we are fans of the geek and all kinds of gadgets, like anything, too much is not good.

technology disease

So much so that with the passing of the years and the progress of the consumer electronics, coupled with the fact that each time the accessories and devices cost less, have developed quite a few disorders that in many cases have proved to be considered serious diseases, and today we have curious, so we’re going to have a look. How do you know the diseases related to the technology?

Diseases related to the technology
The truth is that there are several diseases which are already known to fund in any way related to addiction to gadgets and electronic devices, and among the most common factors include the following:

Nomofobia: Referred as well to the disorder that causes a person suffering from anxiety and even come to feel stress if you leave without your mobile phone from home. Depending on the disorder itself symptoms can range from mild to acute burden of anxiety.

Internet addiction disorder (IAD): It is a disease related to the network and not directly with gadgets, but those who suffer cannot leave home without devices that connect to the internet; be it mobile, tablets or laptops.

Phantom vibration syndrome: It has been detected in individuals who are so obsessed with mobile phones that can even imagine the vibrations of the terminal when thirst is in a different room from where they are.