Epson Colorio Me E-800: All in one printer

The reduction device and including as many of the functionalities is a trend that more force has taken when designing peripherals computer.

Epson Colorio Me E-800

Clear examples of this as we have seen with the Miyoshi keyboard, Asus Eee Keyboard that could well be considered as a Netbook, or the innovative Cideko Air, which combines the use of a computer mouse.

This time, it is not a keyboard, but a printer “all in one”,designed for printing business cards, postcards and a wide range of security and ID products, The Epson Colorio ME E-800.

This printer has been presented in Japan, and its lack of particularity requires a computer, as it includes a 7-inch LCD screen and a keyboard with a three-dimensional mouse.

It supports PictBridge, the technology that allows you to send or receive photos directly from a digital camera, plus the connection using IrDA infrared port and USB port.

There will be an issue soon without keyboard, Epson Colorio Me E-800, without keyboard and a remote control.

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