The Canon Pixma MX895 multifunction is compatible with all

Many devices today are not intended only for domestic use, or only for office use. There are many brands that prefer to do something hybrid and worth for many more uses, so it can reach a wider audience. It’s what the Asian tries Canon with its new multifunction printers. It is the Canon Pixma MX895, one of their 3 in 1 high scale printers and very versatile in the number of applications that can be given.

Canon Pixma MX895

The design is exactly the same as that of the Canon Pixma MX715. Very attractive thanks to not having virtually any corner, futuristic shape and the black color and anti-fingerprint piano that dominates the entire housing. Also added own LED light which is in the front and the screen that helps us to use and configure. It can be kept open with the pages placed on trays or it can be left closed so that it is better on the desktop if we are not using.

The technology that is used to inkjet print, and does so with 6 cartridges of which the majority are black. It’s because it’s designed to print documents, so that the photos are of poor quality. In fact, you can print FullHD quality, i.e. with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Clearly this is one of the best solutions if we need something simple for the office or home.

The best have this device is the speed for any function we want to use. Thanks to 35-sheet feeder that is integrated is able to scan, print or photocopy very fast. Moreover, it can be done even on both sides, no matter the role is. It’s great because not only save time, but also paper. The speed of printing in black and white is 12.5 sheets per minute and 9.3 in color, that it is not bad for inkjet.

Connectivity is another of the strongest points it has, since you can print from virtually any device. The only thing we have to do is connect it to the Internet using an Ethernet cable and turn on the Wi-Fi, in this way we can print from any computer connected to the same network. It is possible to print from iOS devices because it takes the AirPrint feature. Thus, it also works from iPhone, iPod or iPad.

The only difference between it and the Pixma MX715 is that it has an integrated system to access documents in the cloud itself. We can leave any file in a private cloud of the printer itself and access from any other device in order to print it. We see that the Japanese do not plan to stop making and renewing products we already have. And the truth is that it is not doing anything wrong. The Canon Pixma MX895 is available in authorized shops worldwide. The price is affordable for the quality that gives, but continues to be expensive to be an all-in-one inkjet printer. It costs about 150 euros.

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