Google developing a virtual reality device

The technology firm based in Mountain View (California, US) already has a virtual reality device, a simple cardboard box that allows you to use your mobile phone as glasses of virtual reality and which was baptized with the name of Cardboard.

google cardboard

The company presented its Cardboard a year and half ago and announced in January that it has already distributed five million devices that are sold for only $20.

Users of the Cardboard have been downloaded 25 million virtual reality applications through the digital store Google Play since June 2014 and seen 350 thousand hours of virtual reality in YouTube videos, according to Google.

The company now aims to go one step further, according to the information we had access to the newspaper, which announced today that Google is working on a more advanced version of its Cardboard, which would launch at the end of this year.

The new device will include microprocessors and sensors, according to the sources who had access to the newspaper.

Google thus redoubles its bet by virtual reality, which has embraced full Facebook with the planned launch next month of its Oculus glass, which sold for $599.

Alphabet, the Google matrix, appointed in January to one of its Vice-Presidents, Clay Bavor, as new head of the virtual reality division.