Gorilla Glass 3 will be presented in CES 2013

Gorilla Glass is a name that rings with force in the panorama of the world of touch technology, in particular on almost any device that has to do with a quality touch screen.

Gorilla Glass 3

And is that brand has managed to demonstrate that carry one of its crystals is synonym of bring quality and protection for the gadget, and almost all the large terminals of tablets and smartphones have signed up to get their challenges with it.

However, like all technological gadgets, Gorilla Glass should also think about renew itself in the market and in this case makes it with the presentation of which is the third generation of its crystals, the Gorilla Glass 3 which according to promise an official form we’ll see at the CES 2013.

By the time it has not been given many details about the third generation of crystals of the mark, although sameos that will be somewhat “better designed” and it is supposed will be capable of withstanding most of the cane that already supports the old generation.

With the promise of greater resistance and will be presented in CES 2013, we will have to wait for end of month to see for the first time Gorilla Glass 3.

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