How to remove virus from pendrive

A computer virus is a harmful program that can affect in numerous ways to our PC. Its can delete information that we consider valuable, cause errors, make our system more slowly, disable programs and to encourage the appearance of pop-up Windows.

remove virus from pendrive

If a virus has tugging in our pendrive, then we must eliminate it trying not to miss any important files.

Steps follow to eliminate virus from pendrive

  • As first measure, let’s scan pendrive with an antivirus. By performing this action, we will determine the existence of one or several of them, and then remove them quickly. In fact, this may avoid us having to follow the following steps and circumvent a bigger problem in the near future.
  • Second, let’s do a back up of all information stored in the pendrive. We must be careful not to copy the entire directories, as its may have infected hidden files, therefore we will copy the files that’s inside, one by one, trying to choose those that are not executable files or compressed. If we want to save the compressed information, we must first unzip and copy the files one at a time.
  • The third action will be format the pendrive. To do this going to do click in Start, then Run. There, we will write cmd and we will press Enter on keyboard. In the box command that appeared, we will write “format (letter that corresponds to USB device)”. For example, “format E”, ensuring that “E” control corresponds to pendrive.
  • To determine which is the letter the device, let’s open the folder My Computer and there visualize all hard drives of the system, the name of our device already beside the letter, for example, PENDRIVE (E:).
  • Once formatting is complete, our device will be free of viruses or spy programs. Now proceed to copy again our files to Pendrive.
  • Remember that after execute formatting of Pendrive, is a good choice scan the PC in for viruses, since these can emigrate from the computer to Pendrive again.