Panasonic is committed to a pocket projector

While smartphones are the exception to the rule that technology is more advanced all the smaller, the fact is that the other gadgets and accessories have chosen to be resized and shrinking. In our blog we have seen cameras greatly reduced in size. Not to forget the cards, both the data storage as the own SIMs of the operators.

panasonic pocket projector

And in this case, the actual example of the hand we have the world of accessories, with the commitment of Panasonic and its new pocket projector. It is that you can see in the image, which would apparently within the any coat pocket and of course that could allow carry anywhere.

And it is precisely the technology is not new, because pico projectors, which are actually small in size, we have seen many, although the idea in this case is precisely continue betting by the small size, Panasonic pocket projector is 102 x 60 x 22 mm and the weight, which weighs just 110 grams and is able to lead us to think that even though they still have many things to improve, in time become the ideal choice for those who need to carried their presentations everywhere.