LG Pocket Photo

Since the Asian company LG have presented an original gadget that has been baptized as LG Pocket Photo, which for many, as the name might be some kind of device capable of taking pictures, but not.

LG Pocket Photo

It is a portable photo printer that is capable of connecting to our terminal with Android operating system via USB and print images of 5 × 7 inches. A small ideal gadget for many people who like to have taken pictures instantly, in the purest Polaroid-style.

Weighs just 200 grams and its price is $170, which will surely be very successful in the Asian market as the western world seems not aroused much curiosity.

When connecting the printer to our terminal, this can be managed through a native application and we can even make some last-minute tweaks before printing starts. Regarding the paper used is known as Zink, which uses the temperature to define the colors of your photos.

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