Need To Generate More Leads? Learn About Social Listening From NetBase

If you know anything about social media, comments and opinions about anything can appear in an instant, often helping to sway the thoughts and feelings of thousands or even millions of people. When this is done in regards to products or services, businesses need to understand how they can use this information to capitalize on potential opportunities. Referred to as “social listening,” this can be a key part of business strategy in terms of generating leads or having the chance to create online content that can specifically focus on certain issues or concerns. When more information is needed about this subject, companies turn to NetBase.

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Keyword Monitoring

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites, one of the most important things any business can do is focus on certain keywords. By doing so, they are getting an instant insight regarding what consumers are thinking or feeling about products, services, or certain business trends. To get the most out of this opportunity, companies rely heavily on artificial intelligence (AI). By partnering with companies such as NetBase, they can use AI that is made to understand the many complexities of human language. As a result, social listening can be used to analyze the most common keywords that appear online, providing key insight into such areas as emotions, preferences, and even brands that are gaining the most attention.

Reaching Out to Consumers

Once a business begins to realize what issues and trends are most important to consumers, they can then start to reach out to those people by creating specific online content aimed at helping with various problems or challenges. This can often be done through blogs, which are a key component of social listening. By being able to immediately see what is being shared by people on social media sites, companies can partner with NetBase to discover opinions of their brand, learn about the most popular emojis used online, and much more.

A Worldwide Approach

Since today’s economy essentially spans the globe, even the smallest of businesses are now capable of having customers all around the world. Thus, it is even more important to have a thorough understanding of just how social listening can impact a company and its future growth. By being able to work with companies such as NetBase, it becomes easy to have coverage of social media sites in the United States and beyond. In fact, most companies taking advantage of the capabilities of NetBase can access nearly 100 countries and 200 languages, making it likely they can tap into the concerns of almost anyone.

Brand Analytics

More and more, it is important for a company to establish its brand and make sure its brand is viewed in a positive manner. Social listening can help with this as well, using a form of AI known as Image Analytics and Photo Concepts. With over 3 billion images making their way onto social media daily, knowing each time a brand appears in a picture can be crucial to planning future business strategy. Along with this, it can also help assess reputation risks, should a company’s image be used in a potentially damaging manner.

NetBase: The Future is Now

Without a doubt the worldwide leader in helping companies with social listening, NetBase has been able to utilize the next generation capabilities of AI to help companies in numerous industries. From companies in the Beauty and Fashion industry to those in Travel and Hospitality, NetBase allows for real-time insight into customer concerns, setting the stage for a company to develop the best strategies for lead generation or creating specific online content.