Numi Comfort Height: A “high-tech” toilet with USB and Bluetooth

Numi Comfort Height is the new version of the sophisticated toilet by Kohler which was released a couple of years ago. Now the new model adds features to make our needs do all a pastime. It will have a USB port to directly listen to our music and a BlueTooth connection to send it from any device.

Numi Comfort Height

This toilet comes complete with a SD card reader to import the music as well as a series of welcome messages for the raid in the bathroom a moment more enjoyable. Through the USB port will also receive necessary updates to control the toilet. The toilet is located at 48 inches off the ground and as its manufacturers indicates “makes sit and stand up easier for the majority of adults”. All seasoned with ambient music with new songs to offer more choice to users.

Besides all these improvements the toilet has the features you already had. It is a kind of robot that has many features all controlled via a wireless remote control with touch screen.

It is possible to lift both lids without touching anything with the hands, includes a bidet of automatic activation and adjustable to provide a more thorough cleaning adapted to the taste of each consumer. Also the cold days of winter will not be a problem since it has heater in the cup so that the seat is always at a good temperature.

When it comes to cooling includes an internal air dispenser and other external to aerate your feet, functions of cleaning own toilet, relaxing light to create a good atmosphere and a internal light for nighttime use. All accompanied by several music tracks according to the user’s taste and now using USB, Bluetooth and card reader can customize with their own themes. The Numi Comfort Height can be purchased already in Asia, USA, Canada and Latin America and its price is $6,400 (4,900 euros).