Nvidia release their own console for $349

Today we will talk again in the world of consoles and what we not hand Playstation or Microsoft, who seem convinced want to keep confidential those are their new generations of consoles.

nvidia own console

Neither Nintendo’s hand because Wii U actually bet remains the number one market, while that to nobody convinces them and only to their manufacturer seems the best. And it now seems that some people want to make it difficult for everyone because now NVIDIA will also be in the game.

Nvidia release their own console for $349, a price that if you think it is not economical, but may actually by being part of the incredible family of processors we have in the market, generate more excitement for which expected at first and end up convincing despite the price yet.

The truth is that being a console with integrated display not convince, let alone the example of Wii U in the market. But the fact that the price is so high console will be able to have less impact in the event that eventually consolidated a higher price for the other two consoles will be the new generation of Sony and Microsoft. Or is, which eventually launching NVIDIA might expect many things or no, it all depends on them and the rest.