Intel prepares chips that save up to 50% battery

It seems that the world of gadgets there will be worse than the morning, at least if you look at the specifications of what is to come.

Intel prepare chip

Today we will talk about precisely because of a story that just filter by Intel and that we could dream of a world in which the batteries were much more durable over time. How? Well is not that Intel is going to get far in the manufacture of batteries, but their chips are much more consistent in energy sucking.

The news is that Intel prepares chips that save up to 50% battery, which means that the next generation of notebooks that comprise it will get you in the same space have twice autonomy. At least, that is the promise in theory, because like most things, practice is another story. And in this case means that Intel chips consume only their autonomy, and we all know that on a laptop but the chip is important to reduce consumption, not everything.

That is to say, that if the new generation of laptops of the trademark that can be achieved be done with this chip and therefore get a better performance in the consumption, but incorporates more new components, then the extension of battery life will not be the Intel has estimated but considerably less. Although good, there is also another way to look at, Intel with its part has already been fulfilled in this to give us more autonomy, now, it is incumbent on the rest.