Peugeot and LoJack launched an app to locate cars

Just as mobile phones and tablets can be administered remotely through the use of GPS, vehicles can also use this technology to expand the services and benefits that it can have on hand in the driver, beyond using the hands-free service or synchronize a smartphone.

Car Safe

Thus, functions as locating a vehicle in a parking lot or limit its use to certain areas using a mobile phone are now possible by applying Car Safe, developed jointly by Peugeot and the company of localization and recovered from vehicles LoJack and available exclusively for models of cars from the French firm.

Unlike mobile devices, which already have the geolocation chip, this technology does not come from factory in the cars, at least for this type of services complemented with smartphones or tablets.

In this case, Peugeot offers installation of LoJack GPS device, which costs 315 pesos for installation and a monthly fee of 255 pesos. Besides traditional tracking and recovery service, Car Safe offers several additional services that leverage geolocation technology, a free download from the Apple App Store for iOS, Google Play (Android) and the official store of Windows Phone.

Besides being able to display both the route and the vehicle’s location in real time, Car Safe allows adjustments of various kinds, such as setting speed limits, delimit a geographical area permitted to use the car and a history of travel undertaken with national coverage. It also has a number of shortcuts for calling emergency helpline.

“While this application has tools specific commercial fleet monitoring systems, in this case Car Safe assists the user in order to use the information that best suits your needs, in real time and at any time”, said Juan Jose Navarro, Product Manager of Peugeot.

“From a computer with Internet access can make the necessary adjustments, and from the app you can get the history of routes, points of detention of the vehicle and to receive SMS alerts if it is complying with some rules defined for use”, said Luciano Contreras, commercial director of LoJack.