Plans to unite medical and smartphone technology

While researchers and scientists try to sprinting in their effort to achieve more effective vaccines or drugs to overcome various diseases, health centers face a changing scenario where telemedicine is opening up step. There is not to talk, only displays and more agile management of primary care systems. The consumer technology has strongly taken the scalpel of the future.

medical and smartphone technology

It is time for innovation. And that some firms seeking scratch presence arising from consumer technology sector like Apple. During an interview, its CEO Tim Cook reeled off some of the proposals on its strategy to focus on the world of health. How does a company of this profile intend to do so? The American firm wants to star in a great landing. Their little flirtation with the application for eHealth mobile devices is just the beginning.

The gateway to implement its plans to enter the field of health comes from smart mobile phones, products with higher consumption ratio recent times. From the area of your Google X Department of life sciences, the multinational Google, meanwhile, also poses ambitious challenges in this area. They Studied for example how to lengthen the life expectancy of the people.

Subject to current regulations

The problem that technology companies facing is medical data, a thorny issue that is still pending. The solution adopted by the technology industry has been put under the label of ‘wearable’ devices, services and tools focused on monitoring physical activity. But usually are accompanied by the phrase “it is not a medical device”.

Placing in the center of the experience of the Apple Watch, the American company aspires to be offered a series of more focused on personalized medicine services. Sicker patients would directly on their wrist a medical device that recorded data that would lead, in turn, would help in their treatment. That is where the creation of a more powerful software at the expense of an apparatus which, in one way or another, opposite to regulations of health regulators.

Technological advances, in any case, are already present in one form or another in medicine today. Prostheses manufactured in 3D, special materials for medical or electronic devices of all types (auditory, visual) begin to become popular. Faced with the rise of business proposals from internet and pure technology, health professionals have also come to new technologies.

Another example of how technology try to open way is the development of NEC Display Solutions, which just introduced a MDT (Multi-Disciplinary Team) solution to help to realize more exact diagnoses allowing to the professionals to gain access and to check important clinical information when realize the recommendations for the treatment.

The Merian Iselin Hospital for orthopedics and surgery, one of the major hospitals in Basel (Switzerland), was the first to implement this solution to improve their communication with patients. This hospital, which conducted more than 20,000 radiology test in 2014, provides reports for both internal and external health professional; therefore, the services offered by MDT solutions are essential.