Ryptide: The lifeguards drone

Not only serve to take spectacular photos or send pizzas; the drones can also have a utility something richer than those we know today. To test this, a group of students from King Low Heywood Thomas, in the US, develop Ryptide, a project that seeks to create a drone that is capable of performing the work of lifeguards on the coasts.


Ryptide is a regular drone, a small four propeller helicopter that in an emergency can be manipulated to distance for rapidly assist a person in the middle of the water. The robot has a GoPro camera that allows the device to the rescuer assisted from the air and throw a lifeline that, upon contact with water, inflates automatically and lets help the person in trouble in much less time than what would it take a lifeguard to swim.

The Ryptide is operated by remote control and is capable of carrying up to four inflatable life. The developers are planning to launch it on sale this month through through collective financing Kickstarter page.