Sennheiser: The world’s most expensive headphones at CES 2013

Many times in our blog we talked about those gadgets that are able to mark records, well because they are that less cost in its class, well because they are the more expensive. And that is what going to speak today with one of the new presentations that we’ve seen at CES 2013. We speak of the Sennheiser; more expensive headphones in the world that have been allowed to see in CES 2013.


Those who can see in the picture can appear at first sight a headset either, but they are not. Moreover, they are not precisely because of its price $12,900 is prohibitive.

But would that we cost so much money? What have the Sennheiser that do not have other similar accessories? Because on the one hand, that it is a concept that comes from long, since they were launched in 1991 and is characterized by its craft manufacture, for being a limited series and bet on a thrilling sound quality.

Today, there are in reality reinventions of that concept, whose manufacturing base in skin, for presentation in a wooden box, as well as a frequency response very superior to that of any brand. While the traditional stands at between 60-20,000 Hz, the 7-100.00 Hz of the Sennheiser makes us amazed. So the money that cost well worth it, but another thing is that really we can afford them.