Should Your Small Business Invest in Mobile Marketing?

Small businesses are often operating on a tight budget. Unlike with big corporations, there are no spare funds for experimental advertising tactics. Small businesses tend to stick to tried and proven marketing tactics to save up on resources. While it may save money in the short term, it can cost small businesses customers in the long term. Also, it can prevent small businesses from catching up on latest advertising trends, like mobile marketing.

invest in mobile marketing

If you are a small business owner, you must have wondered what the big deal is about mobile marketing. You may also wonder whether it’s worth it for your company to invest in something like iPhone development Australia. If you are still wondering, you are missing out on the fact that mobile marketing is the single most important strategy that a modern small business can employ. Now, let’s look at the facts as to why this is:

Paying Customers are on Mobile Phones
Market research has shown that close to 50 percent of modern consumers shop on mobile phones. Close to 90 percent use mobile phones along with desktops or laptops to make purchasing decisions. For a small business, this means opportunity. Also, if your company is not visible on mobile, then you are losing out to the competition that is already using a mobile marketing strategy.

Mobile Advertising Reaches Consumers Better
Consumers use their phones throughout most of the day. They are on the phone in the morning, at work, and even right before going to bed. People do not use laptops as much. This high usage means that businesses can advertise to and reach customers on a 24/7 basis. This is an unprecedented exposure to advertising for consumers. They are also far more likely to click on an ad link that appears on their phone than their laptop. Small businesses should not let this huge opportunity go to waste.

It’s Cheaper than You Think
Mobile marketing is not as expensive as print advertising. As a company, you will have to be willing to dole out some cash for a quality app. However, this is a one-time payment with long term benefits. The rest of the mobile advertising process is not as expensive as developing an app. In fact, it’s as cheap as the usual pay-per-click Google or Facebook ads. So, considering the benefits, money spent on mobile marketing is worth every penny, so to speak.

It’s the Best Way for Local Businesses to Reach Consumers
Mobile marketing, in fact, benefits local businesses the most. Consumers are more like to perform geographically specific searches on their smartphones. For example, a consumer in Sydney will use location specific keywords to search for restaurants, bars, hotels, and other businesses in the area. These are not just potential customers. Consumers who do location-specific searchers are highly likely to make purchases. So, if your website is equipped with the right keywords and a mobile-friendly interface, you can reach these paying customers better.

As you can see, the benefits of mobile marketing are numerous. A small business in particular can profit from smartphone users. Therefore, design an app, make your website mobile responsive, and buy Google AdWords for mobile to increase your target customer base. Think outside the box rather than what you are used to. Don’t treat mobile marketing lightly. Embrace it, and your company’s profits will go through the roof.