Six tips to properly charge your cell

Just as there are tricks to make your cell phone battery give up more throughout the day, there are some tips so that this does not deteriorate and have a longer life.

Although it is difficult to see at a glance, our mobile batteries lose capacity as months pass, so we’ll give you a few tips that will allow you to delay this process.

properly charge your cell

Turn off your phone so often
Our smatrphones are not prepared to be working 24 hours a day without stopping. A good tip to extend the life of your battery is completely turned off the phone in some occasions.

Do not wait until it is charge 100%
According to the comprehensive study prepared by Battery University, instead of waiting until the battery is fully charged, it is better to perform a partial load (even if it means staying at 98% -99%) if what you want is to extend the use of the battery.

Disconnect the battery when at 100% is better than leave it connected
It is very common when you get home let mobile charge overnight until morning. While this maybe a few years ago would have harmful, today it has become a myth, as the current batteries are not overloaded when it reach their stop. However, it is always advisable to charge the battery only when strictly necessary.

Beware of high temperatures
Smartphones batteries are very sensitive to high temperatures. If the cell phone is nearly a heat source is better to remove it, in the same way it is advisable to cover it if receive direct sunlight. Another case in which you have to watch is if the battery or charger becomes too hot, since it is not a good sign.

Beware of cheaper chargers
The unofficial chargers are harmful to our mobile is another fairly common myth. It is possible to purchase chargers that are not brand our device and offer a very good performance. However, a cheap charger can end up causing slower load times, and what is worse, damage our battery.

Charge mobile several times throughout the day
Charge the phone once a day is more comfortable, but according to the study carried out by Battery University to do it several times a day is beneficial for the battery. It’s not the most practical, but connects the smartphone to stream as many times as possible (and taking care not to wait up to 100%) will make the performance of the battery will be extended in time.