Startup tips for brand new website designer

To this day the frenetic world of web is still in its dynamics, the development is so fast. Trends, methods, technology, all mixed together in a fast-moving carriages are ready to leave we were not able to follow it. Work in the web world like sitting in the hot seat that we never really feel comfortable sitting on it.

web design

Why? Because web designers are required to continue to learn new things, to follow the new trend, following the technological developments and often feel we do not move fast enough to keep up. They are lazy to follow the progress and stops learning new things about web design will obviously face the consequences.

In this article we want to share tips for designing for startups as web designers or those who want to get into this profession that increasingly greater demands, what should they do before a career in web design.

Learn an easy way for first
In the learning process will be a lot of obstacles to be traversed by any person. Feeling tired and feeling less progress than what is learned is often the main enemy during the process of learning. Similarly, the process of learning web design course will take a long time to get to the point that it can produce. To motivate them choose what can be learned easily, so the target will be easily achieved and this will motivate them to advance to the next phase.

  • Learn the basics of graphic design first for the basics of graphic design applicable in web design.
  • Learn also software like Photoshop or other image editing applications.

Keep reading
There will be many books, tutorials, a blog that should be read during the learning process. However this is a process that must be followed for us who want to learn something new. The sources of the book, the blog, are a basic tutorial to understand the world that will be entered. We have no lack of discussion about web design, there are many blogs devoted to topics HTML, CSS, ranging from basic to advanced level, there are many free tutorials that we can access on the internet, and there are also many books that we can buy for that discusses web design. In short we are not going to dry the sources.

  • Learn the basics of HTML, downloads an HTML editor to help the learning process.
  • Learn the basics of CSS.

It helps us to create a timeline for what will be studied and how long it takes to complete a subject. Although it cannot meet the deadline that has been made does not mean that the timeline is not useful. Timeline helps us to remain on track, over time we can re-evaluate what has been achieved so far. As restrictive as what the timeline passed away to each individual, how quickly the material can be absorbed, how much time can be allocated. But in the end all processes that do not require short.

  • Determine how much time is spent on reading a book/tutorial HTML/CSS
  • Determine how many hours a day can be allocated to read one book/ tutorial HTML/CSS.

Everything needed before the process can achieve what they want. Similarly, for those who want to get into the world of web design, there’s no shortcut to it and no chat code that can outsmart the system so that it can benefit themselves. The key to assign priorities to be studied, the focus, and then immediately execute. During the learning process will be disruptive and the focus of our attention. There will be plenty of web design material that is so interesting to read, of course it will interfere with our focus. To make sure that the focus remains on the timeline that has been made.

  • Finish a book/tutorial HTML/CSS before switching to another book
  • Forum
    In practice many of the problems that we have encountered but no books, tutorials, blogs which can specifically answer the problems faced. To that dependable forums to find answers to the problems that exist. Forum becomes an important part in the information technology era. People do not necessarily have to meet in person to discuss an idea or a problem. In the learning process becomes an important part forum that we can use. There are many forums on the internet that discuss issues surrounding web design such as HTML, CSS, and layout.

    • Enroll yourself in some forums about HTML, CSS.
    • Make sure you are familiar with the forum before we actually start using the forums to find an answer to a problem.

    Don’t give up easily
    This is a message for the beginner in the world of web design, do not easily give up when we have problems in the learning process. For starters all seem strange and complicated. But it was experienced by all who study the new field, there will be a different way, a different procedure than what is normally done. Graphic designers may be a little surprised by the ways and procedures to make the web, because it is very different from their daily work. Faced with these conditions everyone has different responses as well, there is give and stop learning, there are still road but with a minimum speed, and some are still in focus.