The cloud storage: adding value to information

At a time when the information produced daily in the network exceeds 2.5 quintillion bytes, according to IBM, companies are forced to find models for managing and storing information. This is possible by means of virtual servers to which we have permanent access from internet.

cloud storage service

This explains the increase in utilization in the business field of cloud storage services, in which the company buys or rents (to companies operating virtual servers) a particular accommodation capacity.

This model, usually operated by third parties, has replaced the data storage on dedicated servers representing more time and resources to the organization.

Access to company information from any Internet connection, is definitely an attraction for entrepreneurs who have started migrating to the cloud or are considering it.

Advantages of cloud storage services

  • The system is responsible for performing backup and the information can be retrieved.
  • Dedicated server maintenance costs are saved.
  • Collaborative work within the company are provided.
  • You only pay for the used space.
  • Not require specialized personnel.

Despite these advantages, it is important to note that the availability of information, in many cases, dependent on an internet connection. And when it comes to sensitive documents, store them locally is more reliable.

Before choosing a system for your business to assess the size of the information produced and its needs, thus you can take a right decision.