Lian Li DK 02: A real desktop PC

Technologies to wear that smart homes, tablets or smartphones; something tells us that in the future the PC will leave the desk, possibly forever. However, far from being a pressure, for some it is an opportunity to rethink the concept of home computer. This is the case of Lian Li, one of the largest manufacturers of PC cases in the world, who decided to radicalize the idea of PC desktop with DK 02.

Lian Li DK 02

This model neglects any idea of maximizing space or weight, the DK02 is literally a desktop design, constructed of aluminum and tempered glass, whose center has space to accommodate the most sophisticated hardware that you can buy.

With a width of 1250mm, a length of 835mm and a height of 805mm, this “cabinet” is meticulously designed to be sober furniture that, while not in use can go through a simple desktop, and when it is required, space becomes a comfortable and neat job.

The interior, where the components are housed, opens like a drawer from the front of the cabinet and has a capacity for almost two different systems simultaneously, with room for 17 hard drives and two different sources. The slots for the different components are compatible with all the variables of size that exist in the market today, both motherboards for the video cards and hard disks.

As expected, the price of this piece is something juicy. For those who want to change their tower cabinet and are thinking of something new as the DK 02, they will have to budget about $1200. And the price is just for the container, the components of the PC have to be paid separately.