The new SD cards will support 4K video

The SD Association has just published a new specification of the SD standard called Ultra High Speed ​​(UHS) Class 3 (U3), aiming to ensure that SD cards that comply with it will be able to work with content in 4K quality. Of course, the new cards are compatible with current devices.

SD Ultra High Speed

The paper presented the SD Association specifies that the new cards should offer a minimum transfer rate of 30 Mbytes per second, a figure more than enough to record or play 4K video with full fluency. So far, the best SDXC and SDHC reached guaranteed a minimum transfer rate of 10 Mbytes per second, with a maximum yield of 104 Mbytes. The new generation can reach 312 Mbytes per second in optimal conditions.

The arrival of the SD Ultra High Speed ​​(UHS) Class 3 (U3) will be progressive, accompanying the new generation of devices capable of taking advantage of them and, of course, also will see a significant jump in the same capacity, taking into account the needs contained space in the Ultra HD.