The Size And Quality Of The Video Matters

The pixel given in terms of the width and height is the resolution. There is a standard resolution and high definition resolution. For videos in DVD there are many options in standard resolution. The numbers also vary in High Definition resolution. However there is a limitation to the number attached to standard and high definition.

video resolution

The video resolution has to be adjusted in size to be able to support in computers, tablets and mobile phones. But mobile phones need specific resolution that is supported. By increasing the resolution of the video the video size is also increased but the quality is not improved.

For changing a less resolution video to DVD format then increasing the resolution becomes desirable. So for all the conversion of the video resolution good software is required that comes in the form of Movavi. Though the process of resolution of video becomes easy by the software but it is powerful tool. Al most all latest formats of the video are supported by the software. The steps that are required for the conversion are as follows:

  • Installation of the Movavi converter is the first step. Downloading the program is essential for the other steps to follow. The file can be easily downloaded by the instructions given in the onscreen. The software is compatible with the latest technology of the video processing.
  • From the interface of the program the option of ‘run’ helps in the video converter by movavi. The number of files of the video can be converted. For the DVD format DVD button has to be clicked on. The selection of the output formats has to be made from the list given. For other devices the formats has to be chosen accordingly.
  • The resolution also needs to be chosen from the preset list but if later the resolution has to be changed then it can be done. For viewing the format of the video on the mobile phones the resolution will be in an optimal mode.

For specific resolution of the video from the custom setting where resizing and size of the frame is chosen. You can also view the preview. The conversion of the videos is stored in the library of the Movavi converter in the C drive. But for the storage in some other location a new one needs to be created. The converted files can be opened automatically from the menu.