With these Klang speakers gives the impression that the sound is only in your head

Adam Moller is the creator of a new style of speaking very tempting to those who have called Klang Speakers, are ultrasonic and let you hear your music as loud as you want and the videos do not want anyone else to hear.

Klang Speakers

Many may not think that these speakers deliver their sound waves at a frequency of 30,000 Hz, a sound that is far above what the human ear can perceive.

What it favors is that emitted in a single direction and well angost to, other people can hear only to be interrupted and only at that precise point. It is as if the sound is generated at the inside of your head. It’s great to start something and envy of those around.

These Klang Ultrasonic Speakers currently are a great idea given by Adam, but soon this will be a reality and we hope so. It is possible that the creator was inspired by the same sound system used in some museums, libraries and other, these facilities in order to avoid having to use a headset or having to search combine the audios of several different panels that are in the same environment and most importantly be able to maintain the silence of the place.

These Speakers operate as follows: at the moment a very high frequency wave interacts with the air, this is divided into three different waveforms; one of which is carrying the normal sound audible to us and the other two inaudible are encapsulated to keep it online until dispersed or hits something.

Those who do not want your TV or DVD had this kind of speakers, thus being able to watch and listen in the moment in which one would like to without bothering to are not those who agreed at that time.

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