HummingBoard, another low-cost mini computer


HummingBoard comes to compete with Raspberry Pi. Like that small computer (and others, such as Arduino or Intel NUC) offers a minimum size motherboard and relatively modest benefits: in this case, 1GHz ARM chip, 512 MB RAM and Ethernet connections, USB and the possibility of digital and analog audio, HDMI connection, mSATA, an infrared receiver and other options to assemble a computer small but complete with some variant of Linux; even they can to create an economic media player with a special version of XBMC. The novelty with respect to…

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Twitter plans to add an option to make purchases from a tweet

purchases from a tweet

The company made various tests to implement a function that allows users to purchase products and services platform with a “Buy now” button. Besides being a communication network, Twitter also wants to position itself as a platform for e-commerce, after learning a series of publications that had a “Buy now” button. The development was unveiled after learning a series of tweets a few items with apocryphal catalog price of a mobile store called Fancy.

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Manual controls coming to Android and iOS cameras

manual controls of the camera

The handset makers are betting a lot on smartphones cameras, as a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors. And the cameras, in turn, have progressed a lot since the first models. So much so that affects the sales of pocket models and offer a more than acceptable image quality for the majority of users. And judging by the latest advances in sensors and diaphragms, this will improve. With the Lumia 1020, Nokia was the first to offer manual controls in the SLR-style for the camera phone, which go beyond…

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