5 tips to improve e-mail security

Recent data breaches, cases of theft of personal identity and email spying have highlighted the importance of protecting sensitive data, both inside and outside the company. Email services are invaluable for companies, one of the easiest ways of communication for clients and also email software used for email marketing.

e-mail security

While the password is the key that opens the door to virtual world, the email would be this door which in turn opens up other like forums, Twitter accounts, Facebook, Youtube, Orkut, etc. If you lose your mail, you’ll lose all your accounts linked to it. Here are some tips to prevent this from happening.

If you have an email like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or corporate mail, you can register on other websites because the basic requirement is summarized in 3 factors, user identity, email address and password. Normally, to confirm a subscription in any forum, the website sends a confirmation to your email also, if you want to change the password of a social network, it will request confirmation and send you an email. How much take care of your mail account?

If someone want to appropriates his email, he can take over all his accounts linked to it, so we share 5 ways to maintain a secure email:

Periodically change password: This helps not crawl your password and if someone could get it, he can not access if you get to change it. If you realize that someone has been sending email from your account, you should change the password as soon as possible.

Accessed only from trusted computers: Some computers that are in the cyber cafes may have installed a program that trace the keystrokes and could take over your password. So always be careful to access email from secure and trusted computers.

Logout whenever stop using your email: It is advisable to log off every time after you have sent or read an email. Anyone could change access your account or use your email for criminal purposes.

Use strong passwords: It is recommended that you have a secure, unbreakable but easy to remember password. Some email accounts allow include numbers and symbols for the password.

Link your email to another email: If you lose your email password, you can recover it linking to another email. It is also important to establish a security question with this you will have more chances of recovering your password or email in case someone takes ownership of it.