A bracelet to correct bad habits

If the credit card account is not enough to correct the compulsion for purchases, now there is a new – and dramatic – option. The British company Intelligent Environments developed a system consisting of a virtual platform that links to Pavlok smart bracelet to send small electrical shock to the wrist of the user when expenses exceed the desired level.

pavlok system

Pavlok, bracelet correcting bad habits like smoking, nail biting or spend a lot of time online, now is also a guardian takes care of pockets. The Intelligent Environments system access financial data of user who configures how and when you want to be warned that is by exceeded the consumption limit or when it has already been exceeded.

The name of the bracelet is a clear intertextual game with Pavlov, German physiologist who studied the conditioned behavior. The aim of the system is that the user receives an annoying stimulus when buying more, smoking or biting his nails to correct the negative behavior. Within the system the user can select the daily purchase limits with their credit card or debit card and set up alerts (electric shock from 17 to 340 volts or vibration) to activate when close to the limit or when it has passed.

The Pavlok system holds that the brain can be “trained” to go progressively setting aside bad habits.