Altec Lansing Octiv 450

Known for the quality of its products, Altec Lansing has not remained outside the “iPad fever”, developing products for the Apple tablet ecosystem with the Octiv 450 speakers that also apply to the iPhone and the iPod and does not allow enjoy audio quality with easy operation and price, but charge the device.

Altec Lansing Octiv 450

The support on which engages the iPad can be rotated in various directions, allowing you to see a film in horizontal comfortably to be able to adjust the perfect viewing angle.

The Altec Lansing Octiv 450 has three front buttons with an LED that indicates power is on or not. A button is the ignition while the other two are for raising and lowering the volume of the audio.

Major control provides remote control with which you can not only have this function, but also transfer songs and manage audio devices in general.

In the back, plus the cable for connection to the mains found a 3.5mm jack that will allow us to connect, for example, an MP3 and enjoy the music stored but can not carry it, or in general any other device with access to audio.

In terms of sound, the company does not offer the power output that generates, but it is a clear and clean sound.

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