Apple TV could surprise with own apps

The truth is that within the innovations that we know of the Apple world, the next event of the company will be basically to talk about the operating systems that come renewed both the mobile world to the computer.

Apple TV

But it seems that the latest reports indicate that there will be something else. And it’s that Apple devices could, although it is not precisely the iPhone that we have already spoken that there will be a new version soon, at least not at the WWDC. But now it could be that the Apple TV if it come with major changes.

Apple TV could surprise us with their own apps, i.e. Apple accessory will become something more than it is currently. Actually, Apple TV, or rather the device that allows you to see all kinds of content on your screen, it has been understood by many users claim that it will do little more than it currently serves, even if it means giving up the initial concept.

Apple TV could surprise us with own apps, and the truth is that find one of the most interesting systems. Already in terms of design, it seems that it has improved significantly, but also if the possibilities that have a number of applications designed especially for the device may interest in the market because it increases a considerably. Although as say, the truth is that we must wait until WWDC to be able to see it live and know if this will be true.