Bowers & Wilkins Panorama 2, a sound bar with style

Bowers & Wilkins have renewed their soundbar Panorama and it is not difficult to have simply call Panorama 2, a luxury gadget for all music lovers and has improved enough that offered by its predecessor.

Panorama 2

This new sound bar designed for use in conjunction with your television, with two subwoofers of 90 mm, two 75 mm media speakers, four surround speakers and a 75 mm Nautilus tweeter, which results in a noticeable difference from the original Panoarama product of its nine speakers.

By ports don’t have to worry about because it includes three HDMI input and one output, and a proximity sensor for power, which will not have to even touch the device to operate it.

Such accessories are perfect for those who enjoy the best audio in home and want to simplify things, as this over the speakers have different watered by our room if this sound bar can do the job of all and very attractive design and minimalist.

Its priced at around 2,000 euros, so if you liked prepare to pay this huge sum of money.

Quality has a high price; it is something that we all know.

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