Buccaneer: Domestic 3D printers for less than 400 euros

More and more often we hear about the potential of 3D printers for corporate, educational, and domestic environments. Although there are already quite affordable and easy-to-use alternatives in the market, the main problems for its massive use continue to be, on the one hand, the high price in comparison with paper printers, and, secondly, that in many cases requires a complex process of Assembly and advanced knowledge in CAD design software to create plastic models.

buccaneer printer

In order to overcome these barriers, the company Pirate3D created a Kickstarter project to launch Buccaneer, the first 3D printer already assembled for a truly affordable price for the European market, $497 (about 400 euros). In two hours the funding needed for their production and marketing, a result that makes clear the interest of users by the arrival of 3D printers for home.

According to its creators in the promotional video, with Buccaneer anyone can easily create its objects, or designing them with CAD software, either using a catalog model of the printer or by downloading it from the web. Buccaneer has the look of a commercial product, with the components hidden under a cover, is equipped with Android “app” has Wi-Fi connection to find and download internet designs, features that do not have other printers.

Print Dimensions
The disadvantage of Buccaneer compared to other 3D printers is the size of the objects that can be printed. The maximum size that can play are 15 x 10 x 12 cm, very close to the 15 cc cheaper model (€823 for the European market) Chinese company PP3DP, though a little further away from the 30 cubic centimeters which can print The Replicator, the cheapest printer of Makerbot, with a cost of 1,500 euros. However, comparing prices and features, the Buccaneer can bridge the gap. The material used for printing is the same as other models, ABS plastic, and Pirate3D deliver a quantity according to the amount of the contribution.

Domestic 3D Scanner
But the interest in 3D printing in households is not only here. Relying on the potential of domestic 3D printing, Marketbot has taken a step further with Digitizer, a 3D scanner will be able to create digital copies of physical objects with high accuracy for home users to customize and share designs.

The measuring device is equipped with lasers, cameras and motors to replicate the shapes, angles and dimensions of the original object, which can be played directly or edited to customize the design. Thus, it will be much more convenient and fast backups with the 3D printer, making it easier reproduction of objects in the home. Marketbot not yet confirmed neither the price nor the date of launch of the Digitizer, but it seems that in few months will be available in the market.